Membership cards must be displayed  OPENLY at all times while on club property.

No Exceptions!

The next general meeting raffle is approximately $160.00.  Shaun McLellan was the lucky winner 2/20/06 for $156.00.  Start attending, you may get lucky.

  Raffle Rules

Sunday Morning Trap

On a trial basis the "Trap Range" will be open Sunday mornings 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

It's a great way to kick off a Sunday morning and still have the rest of the day to yourself.

Come on down and join the fun !!!

Young Adult Pheasant Hunt  Sponsored by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, for more information visit:

Click on the "Education" Button

The club is looking for volunteers to help set in permanent markers as one of the final steps to the land survey project.  If you have some free time Saturday, May 6th, at 9:00 AM and would like to assist please contact:

  Chet Howe or Art Mell at

978 687 9504 Mailbox 6

In case you have not seen, and judging by the attendance at club meetings you have not, the winter took its toll on the flag flying out side the club.  Many thanks to Dennis Noel who donated the new American Flag now flying at the club.  It is a real beauty.

The Summer hats for 2006 are in, get them while you can.  The hats are navy blue baseball type caps with the club patch on the front.  Cost of a hat is $10.00, patches $4.00.   Contact Dennis Noel if you wish to purchase any of the above items

How about that Bob Kennedy?  No more rumor, he has been shooting trap from a standing position, 12/04/05 Sunday 20, 21, and 20, not bad (now if he can only catch up with that bear!!  I also heard something about drivers education or was it road rage  ??).


� � �

and Dennis Noel, we can't mention what he's been shooting lately !!  It's sure not his 45 !!

The same thing goes for big Al Williams only he keeps showing us pictures, way too much bragging.  The guy bought a new bike (HD) to boot, some people have it all !!

Guns, Motorcycles, Women........what more could a guy ask for ???


(there are those that will think I need a course in diversity after typing that, but I just could not help it !!!!!)

Fourth of July Bean Casserole

aka Chet's wife's beans

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Classified ADS

Something to sell? Submit you ad 50 words or less.

You may do this at any meeting, or by contacting the club at:

Lawrence Rod and Gun Club

PO Box 142

Lawrence, MA 01841

[email protected]

Gun and Sport North
248A Broadway
Lawrence, MA 01841
Run by Bob Kalil (978) 689-2722
Private Arms
Dracut Village Square
Broadway Rt. 113
Dracut, MA.01828
Run by Al Privitera (978) 453-8709
Collector's Gallery Firearms
89B Hancock Street
Stoneham, MA 02180
Run by Bill Gallagher 781-438-4013

Rod's Delight Charters

Fish the Merrimack with Captain Rod

Home 978-687-7669

Cell 978-397-2880

E-mail [email protected]

For Sale

  - Colt 45 Gold Cup

  - Glock 9MM Pre-Ban, one 15 Round Magazine

     and one 10 Round Magazine

Tom Caraceni



[email protected]

                            For Sale
  - Browning Citori Trap Set, Double and Single

    Barrels, Reverse Trigger, and Briley Chokes

  - Remington 870 Trap

  - S & W Model 5904, 9MM, 3 Large Cap Mags

                      All in Excellent Condition


Dan Shine (978) 725-6084


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